My Message for YOU:

Even after all that has happened, or not happened in my life, there is one thing you need to take away from my experiences: Life Goes On. With or without you it continues, so why don't you just take that leap, as scary as it might be, and go on with it? My biggest fear was 'What If?'. It rooted me in place because I had the mentality that if I chose a path I would be stuck, unable to change my mind. Guess what? I could not have been more wrong. It just took another person to get me to believe it, to get me to believe in myself. I decided I wanted to have a complete 180 about myself; I wanted confidence, I wanted happiness, I wanted to make my dreams come alive, I wanted to dream again, I wanted to live, I wanted a purpose, I wanted to believe in myself, and most importantly I wanted to become my biggest ALLY not my biggest obstacle. So I took the leap and I hired a life coach who helped me to begin to rebuild myself. I did what it took to get ME where I wanted to be. Others might call it being selfish, I call it self-love. And oh beautiful soul, how important it is to love yourself completely, I just hope that it won't take you as long as it took me to realize that.


Next Steps...

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