Paradigms and Perspectives

I posted a video on my Facebook page [Soul of a Virgo: An unexpected journey through life] from the infamous Sean Whalen about perspectives and mind set and how all you needed to grow was a simple small daily change. I really liked his perspective and it got me thinking that it applies to both ends of the spectrum.

If each day you wake up a little bit earlier than the day before, take a minute longer to mediate, read one sentence more, you start to create this habit of well being and growth and positive thoughts. The same can apply to decay; sleep in longer each day, rush to work, spend more time with toxic people you will become more unhappy. Yet there is this paradigm you have that tells you the reason you are so unhappy isn’t because of these habits of negativity you are having, it’s because of the toxic people you work with and the job you don’t like. Yes those feed into the unhappiness, but it starts with how you start your morning and the choice you make to be reactive or proactive.

Lately I have really struggled with this concept. I had to step away from myself to see this bigger picture. It really hit me on my way home from a 4 day weekend vacation, the closer I got to town the more stressed and down I became, I felt like I was driving right into a cage that I would be eternally trapped in. A week later I sit here, wondering what am I going to write? I had planned something but it just doesn’t seem fitting, and it dawns on me that HEY!! how about this whole unhappiness thing you’ve been struggling with. I mean I know I’m not the only one out there who goes through this.

So long story short, to change paradigms and perspectives small daily changes are needed. This won’t solve the toxic coworker problem or whatever you have challenging you right now, but it will help you deal with it. Set your alarm for 10 minutes earlier than yesterday, read a paragraph from a motivational, inspirational, or favorite book, spend 5 minutes going through a guided meditation, post positive words on your mirror, give thanks, put on that lipstick, spend time with your dog, set weekly goals, whatever you feel is needed to make your soul come alive again. And if it is a job you dread going to – find something else! If its a toxic person you’re around – give yourself space away! If the resolutions and goals you set in January are too overwhelming – break them down!

If you need some recommendations on what to read, message me I’d love to share some. If you want some inspirational people to follow on social media- Chiara Mazzucco and Sean Whalen are my two favorites! (And no they don’t pay me to endorse them) There are so many resources out there to help shift your paradigm, to give motivation, to inspire, to help you be happy!! Sit down and make a list of what makes you happy and what doesn’t, then brainstorm ways on removing what makes you unhappy. You have one single life to live, why spend it in worry and stress and unhappiness?? Go enjoy your life journey, make memories that you can tell your grandkids about. Do whatever it takes to change to a positive mindset!! You will be happy that you took those 10 extra minutes each day.