A Lesson Learned from my Kidney Disease

My dad has told me this numerous times and yet it didn’t sink in until the last few years. It’s okay to have a bad day! This is one of the lessons I’ve truly learned throughout  this 5 year and counting trial. Have that bad day, just don’t unpack your bags and stay there; have your bad day and then move forward. Sleep all day, be moody, get cranky, spend time alone, take the day for yourself and push reset. It’s okay to sulk and throw a pity party and feel sorry for yourself. For a day, 1 single day. No more than that.

That’s right, bad days are normal and needed. You can’t appreciate the good days as much without the bad. We all have them, and yes it can be hard to get past them. For me bad days are a wake up call because there is something going on in my life that needs to change. Bad days pose the question “Why didn’t I wake up and choose to have a good day?” Bad days make me reflect and try to figure out what really has me down. Its called embracing the darkness so that I can more fully enjoy the light. I don’t necessarily want bad days, but I don’t hate having them, I’ve come to enjoy the solitude that they bring.

For those of you currently having a bad day, I promise it will pass. You will get through it and it definitely will not last forever. Sometimes it just takes someone else to tell you that because of the dark place you’re currently in. Bad days are all part of lifes’ journey, so when they come change into comfy clothes, turn on Netflix, and take a rest from your everyday life. You, beautiful soul, deserve to have a bad day on occasion, just remember not to be hard on yourself when it comes because it’s just a part of the journey.