Choosing Your Tribe

People in your life come and they go, and that’s okay. Something I’ve come to realize is that people are a choice, and they can be absolute blessing or they can drag you down. But it is your choice, not anyone else’s. Yes, God will put people on your path to help teach you and guide and give you the lessons that are needed, but not all of them are meant to stay. The only one that can decide your value and can make you happy is you! Yes you. That means you need to choose those that fit into your puzzle.

Maybe I’m just rambling on, but the thought that our entire life is directed by conscious decisions and consequences of those decisions has been circling my brain all day. Especially regarding people. It took me awhile to comprehend that I was the one with the choice. I chose to not leave toxicity and I chose to give power over myself to others. At the time, I thought I had no choice that it was just how it was.  It’s tough as hell to be able to wake up and realize that “Hey, why do I let this certain person, or people, treat me this way, why am I okay with it?” Sub consciously all through school I knew it wasn’t okay, but I wanted to belong and fit and have friends and be popular, but guess what? Each year I had a different group of friends because I made the subconscious decision that those people were not my tribe, that I didn’t belong with them, that they were just a small part in my long journey.

Only recently have I realized this though. Only recently have I realized that people are not a necessity but a choice. I guess that’s where all the rambling was leading. People may think I’m crazy when I say I don’t need social interactions but I choose to have them. It’s because I’ve come to realize that I can choose who I want in my life. I can choose because I am comfortable with who I am. I am comfortable in solitude, I am comfortable spending entire days alone. It doesn’t bother me, what bothers me is when people think they are needed for me to be happy. Don’t get me wrong I love the small number of people that make up my tribe and I would do anything for them, but I know that I can spend time away from them and pick up where we left off just as strong as ever. I choose to keep those souls that match mine in my life because they add value to my life each and every day! I consider myself super lucky for the people I have chosen to keep in my life and as equally lucky for those that I have chosen to step away from. Both choices of people have taught me valuable lessons and that’s what is important.

So, my lesson for you to learn through my journey is that it’s okay to choose some people over others because you need to choose to make yourself happy and some people stand in the way of that happiness. Make the choice to remove the toxic relationships, make the choice to keep those that help you stand back up on your own two feet. Remember to choose you. Do you. Be you. Make that conscious choice each and every morning that you wake up breathing. Just because God put people on your path does not mean they are meant to stay on your path.